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Astrologer Abhay Godse

Professional Astrologer Since 2005


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Tarot Card Reader

Smita Sawant

Experience: 15 yrs


Want to have your Tarot Reading?

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Benefits of Tarot Card Readings,

  • Birth time is NOT required to do a Tarot reading.
  • Tarot cards have messages in Symbolic language.
  • We also conduct Classes/Training courses of Tarot card reading.

Phone/Video consultation is available.



Pranic Healer

Jyoti Godse

Arhatic Graduate (Pranic healing)


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Benefits of Pranic Healing,

Pranic healing can treat,

  • Depression, Phobias, Stress
  • Addiction of Alccohol/Cigaratte
  • Asthama, Hypertention, Injuries
  • Hyperactive Child
  • Infertility
  • Relationship issues & many more.

Distance healing is available.


Vastu Expert

Prashant Mudras

Experience: 14 yrs


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  • Suggests simple Vastu Remedies
  • Reasonable fees.
  • Vastu Consultations for Flats, Shops, Bungalows, Row houses, Offices.


Vastu visit can be arranged.

ONLINE Consultation is also available.






Authentic Gemstones Seller

Chintamani Kamat

Experience: 19 yrs


Want to buy Authentic Gemstones?

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Deals in all types of Gems,

  • Sells Authentic Gemstones only.
  • Moti, Yellow Sapphire,
  • Blue Sapphire,
  • Diamond, Zircon, Topaz,
  • Moon Stone & many more

Reasonable Prices.




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